Debugging drupal themes

I recently had some issues with the output in a Drupal project, but then I learned a new trick.

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Decreasing response time

In case you haven't noticed my site has gotten faster.

I recently checked my page speed score using Web Page Test and Googles PageSpeed tool and found that my site was lacking a bit in terms of performance. Here's what I did about it.


One of the recommendations was to move script and css tags to the bottom of the html file. This was fairly easy. Since I'm using Drupal, all I had to do was update the html.tpl.php file to the following.

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Drupal Views: Custom field for todo list

I have an intranet setup for my own projects (and life), where I have tickets (aka a todo system). On the different list of tickets I have the following fields:

  • Title
  • Tags
  • Status

What I wanted to do was to have a visual display of the ticket status instead of just text. I wanted to make it simple, so I would just use FontAwesome icons.

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Cool infographic with Drupal data

Below you will find a link to an infographic showing interesting facts about Drupal made by Web designer Myles.


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Theming the site

For now I'll have to accept that I'm not a themer. I can't put colors together and I'm a CSS guru. That's why I'm glad I found the Open Framework theme from Megan Erin Miller and Brian Young from Stanford University. It's a simple basic responsive theme based on twitters bootstrap project.

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Spam attack

Today I remembered that the comments module was enabled for this blog. I went to see the new comments. It was litteraly over 9000.

So I had to delete them all. Unfortunately Drupals comment list only shows 50 comments at a time, and bulk deleting comments will only affect those 50 comments. There is a confirmation page too of course.

There was no way I was going to click through all that, so what could I do? Well I found this usefull tip and it worked like a charm! :-)

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Using Batch API in hook_update_N in Drupal 7

I just spent a lot of time figuring out why calling batch_process() would fail when I called it from a hook_update_N() function. I am using Drupal 7.

I wanted to insert terms in a vocabulary by using the taxonomy_csv API. This requires the following code.

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Setup Drupal 7.20 on Debian Squeeze

This is a quick post I wrote while I installed Drupal locally on my own machine. It is meant as a reference only. I do not go into details with any of the commands.

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