Blinking curser in Firefox

Lately I've been annoyed by the fact that whenever I clicked somewhere on a page in Firefox a blinking curser would appear.

At first I thought it was because of the html was made editable somehow, maybe because of a plugin. After disabling all plugins and not fixing it, I turned to google and luckily found the "issue".

I've simply managed to hit F7 at some point. which turned on Firefoxs 'visual feedback selection' as describe here.

Hit F7again and it stops.

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Google login issues

Recently Googles take-over-the-world-spam "feature" hit me. I was logged into my Google mail and a friend wanted to log in to Youtube. When he clicked 'Log in' Youtube automatically logged in with my google user. After my friend logged out, logged in with his account and logged out again it would still be logged in as me.

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